You know: Best customer service, great value and an overall excellent and safe buying experience.


When it comes to shopping online, gun enthusiasts, hunters, collectors and shooters think of buying everything related to shooting online except the actual gun itself. They happily buy gear, clothing, parts, accessories, or even ammo. 

All gun and firearms sales at Red Circle Tactical are legal and federally and state regulated. As a licensed FFL dealer we must adhere to these regulations throughout the entire sale. If your purchase is out of our state or you are in our state but maybe live far enough away and do not want to make the drive, the gun you buy must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder of your choice. Once the gun arrives at the dealer, before a gun can be released to you, the buyer, the required background checks are run and all necessary paperwork is completed. offers guns and weapons and firearms for sale at great prices and we are a properly licensed firearm dealer.

​Give us a try and I think you will be so pleased with your experience that we will become That Online Gun Shop that you love and tell all your friends about.

Did you know that buying Guns Online is legal? In fact, it is perfectly legal to buy a gun online.

Many gun enthusiasts are unaware of this simple fact. 

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