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Some history on the UZI rifle:

Developed in Israel by Uzial Gal starting around 1949.

Built to meet the requirements of the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) request for development of a new standard issue rifle.

Approved for development in 1950 after the IDF tested it against a rifle with a similar design submitted by Major Chaim Kara.

Rifle was patented in 1952.

In 1954, 100 units were built and given to the IDF for testing.

Later, in 1954, after successful testing, the Israeli Ordnance Corps ordered an initial run of 8,000 UZIs.

The rest is history as they say.

People really love the Uzi, even the US Secret Service deployed them in  the 1980s and it was recently featured on TV's GunnyTime (RIP Gunny). 

The Israeli Special Forces Counter Terrorism group has used them extensively; especially the Mini-Uzi.


Here are some direct links to in-stock offerings of Uzi and Uzi related products:

Walther UZIs (22lr only).


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