Firearm Consignments

Not everyone is comfortable selling their firearms themselves (especially on sites with guns for sale online like Craigslist, Armslist, Gunsamerica, Gunbroker or etc). 

As a result, we are happy to take your firearm on consignment and sell it on your behalf.  This is a much safer alternative (In our opinion, anyway.)

The process is quite simple:

You bring your used gun or new gun / firearm to us. We then evaluate its current condition (It has to be in sellable condition.) including making sure it is not listed in any stolen property databases.

Assuming it is sellable; we then determine the price based on what you would like to realistically get for the item (with our input on what we have seen similar items sell for in the current market).  We also determine the best manner to sell the item (auction, fixed price & etc) based on your needs. We always do our best to maximize the selling price of your item.

Once your item sells and the customer receives the item, we then charge a 20% - 26% fee on the final selling price (after any 3rd party site selling costs and shipping fees). We then pay you as agreed.Simple really and we have a long list of satisfied consignment customers.

Do keep in mind that any item on consignment must be left with us and if you change your mind or the item simply does not sell, we do have to perform a FBI NICS background check to return your item to you.  Seems odd, I know, but it's the law.

Let us know if you have any questions or are ready to consign your item(s).

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